Rich Girl Academy by Tiffany Williams
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Rich Girl Academy

Monthly business academy for female entrepreneurs.
Enrollment is closed

Hello Future Rich Girl... Congratulations and welcome to this community of amazing female entrepreneurs...

My goal was to create a community that was accessible for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs.  This is a safe space for you to learn the business and marketing strategies you need in order to be successful.  

And to make this membership unique, I have also decided to add a “Ask the Expert” series that includes a group of women who are doing big things in their industry.  I call this amazing group of women my “Team of Oprahs”. This group of powerhouses has expertise in all areas of, fitness, credit repair, time management, healthy hair care, and beauty, just to name a few.

Here’s the great news, as a member of the academy, you will have access to all of these trainings as a member of Rich Girl Academy.

See you in the academy.


This is the last online business training that you will ever need!

I'll teach you everything you need to know to run a profitable online product based business. (Pinky Promise!)

The trainings in Rich Girl Academy are specifically designed to help you grow, and scale an online product business.

Here are some of the masterclasses/trainings that we have coming up:

  • Branding on a Budget
  • Subscriptions
  • Product Funnels
  • Pricing
  • Winning Designs
  • Private Labeling
  • Multiple Chanel Marketing
  • Personalized Products
  • Virtual Pop-Up Shops
  • Ambassador Programs

That's not all... Meet my "Team of Oprahs"

My team of experts who specialize in various areas that include health, wealth,  relationships, and personal development. Each month, one of out experts facilitate a class for academy members only.

Rich Girl Academy Investment..

There is a monthly investment of ONLY $37 a month. Each month you will have access to monthly trainings, expert interviews etc.  No long term commitments.  You can cancel anytime.

Academy Member Testimony

I have purchased my trainings throughout my business journey but this is by far the best business investment that I have made.  Tiffany is such a selfless person.  She could be charging thousands of dollars for all the information and time she dedicates to her members. Do yourself and your business a favor, and join Rich Girl Academy today.
Laci Greer -Live Write Consulting

What's included?

Video Icon 34 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 3 text files


Holiday Gift Guide
Gift Guide Templates (DO NOT SHARE)
Welcome To The Academy!
**Important (READ FIRST)**
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)
44 mins
Amazon Affiliate Program
46 mins
Digital Products
Digital Downloads (Part 2 Replay)
(1h 16m 34s)
Digital Dollars (Part 1 Replay)
(1h 12m 37s)
2020 Goal Setting/Vision Planning
2020 Goal Setting/Vision Masterclass
(2h 25m 59s)
2020 Goals Worksheets
37.5 KB
2020 Goal Setting Planner
3.82 MB
6 Figure Branding
6 Figure Branding Masterclass
(1h 18m 29s)
6 Figure Branding Worksheets
73.9 KB
Business 101
Basics to Business (Entrepreneur Mindset)
13 mins
Basics To Business (Business Fundamentals)
22 mins
How To Start a 6 Figure Online Business
(3h 39m 14s)
Introduction to Sales Funnels
(3h 24m 43s)
Start an Online Boutique
(3h 19m 09s)
6 Figures 6 Ways in 2019
(2h 54m 57s)
Branding Basics
The Branding Experience
(1h 16m 15s)
RGA Ultimate Branding Checklist.pdf
30.6 KB
Facebook Groups
The Facebook Group Method
44 mins
Creating a Facebook Group To Sell Products
(1h 00m 12s)
FB Group Masterclass Replay
(2h 15m 49s)
Content Creation
The Content Creation Mix
47 mins
Preach, Pray, and Print Process
The Livestream Replay
28 mins
Planner Template (Final).pdf
20.8 KB
Subscription Box Training
How To Start A Subscription Box Business
(1h 23m 40s)
Resources Mentioned in the Training
Expert Masterclasses
Business Finances 101 (Jai Fenwick)
47 mins
Upgrade Your Resume (Laci Greer)
38 mins
3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit (Trennesse Nicol Mosley)
47 mins
Credit Repair 101 (Gigi Knoten)
39 mins
Communication and Relationships (Nikki Ellis Everett)
33 mins
Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights (Trina Smith)
(1h 19m 26s)
Email Marketing 101 (Jai Fenwick)
(1h 05m 51s)
Trademarks with Trina
34 mins
Getting to the Media and The Money (Maleeka)
42 mins
Business Taxes with Erica
43 mins
Affiliate Promotion Flyers
Affiliate Flyers
Mini Guides
Money Making Mugs
2.07 MB
Canva Series
Digital Business Card
4 mins
Website Series
Pricing Strategies
36 mins
Product Descriptions
31 mins
Mindset Series
Growth Mindset Tips
37 mins
21 Day Mindset Challenge
54 mins

Hello Future Rich Girl!

I help women start profitable online businesses so they can replace their full time income and "Exit" their 9-5.