Rich Girl Academy by Tiffany Williams

Rich Girl Academy

If you are tired a living paycheck to paycheck and looking for a way to make some money online, this membership is for you.

Hello Future Rich Girl... Congratulations and welcome to this community of amazing female entrepreneurs...

My goal was to create a community that was accessible for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs.  This is a safe space for you to learn the business and marketing strategies you need in order to be successful.  

And to make this membership unique, I have also decided to add a “Ask the Expert” series that includes a group of women who are doing big things in their industry.  I call this amazing group of women my “Team of Oprahs”. This group of powerhouses has expertise in all areas of, fitness, credit repair, time management, healthy hair care, and beauty, just to name a few.

Here’s the great news, as a member of the academy, you will have access to all of these trainings as a member of Rich Girl Academy.

*This is a monthly membership so you will be charged $37 every month*

*The longer you stay in the academy the more training you get.  You get access to more training each month)

See you in the academy.


This is the last online business membership that you will ever need!

I'll teach you everything from running a profitable online product based business, running a facebook group, blogging, marketing and much more. (Pinky Promise!)

The trainings in Rich Girl Academy are specifically designed to help you grow, and scale an online product business.

Here are some of the masterclasses/trainings that we have coming up:

  • Branding on a Budget
  • Subscriptions
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pricing
  • Winning Designs
  • Personalized Products
  • Virtual Pop-Up Shops
  • And much more.

That's not all... Meet my "Team of Oprahs"

My team of experts who specialize in various areas that include health, wealth,  relationships, and personal development. Each month, one of out experts facilitate a class for academy members only.


Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees.  Please note that specialty classes and trainings aren’t included in the membership (These classes are the t-shirt training, boutique training, planner training, etc.)

How do I cancel my membership?

In order to cancel your membership, you need to send an email to at least 5 days prior to your next months rebill.  If not, you will be charged and have to wait until the following month to cancel.

How long will I have access to the membership?

As long as you are making your monthly payment on time you will have access to the membership.  If you cancel or your payment doesn’t go through after 2 attempts, you will be removed from the membership and no longer have access to an of the membership materials.

How will I be charged?

You are auto billed every month on the exact same day.  Your monthly rate will be deducted on the exact same date every money.  For example, if you signed up on September 1st, your next payment comes out on October 1st.

Do you have phone support?

No we do not.  If you have any training related questions, please feel free to post in the group.  If you have a membership or technical question, you can send an email to

Will my monthly rate ever change?

As long as your membership is in good standing, you are grandfathered in at your current rate.  If you payment ever fails or you have to change cards, then you will be charged the current rate.

What is your refund policy?

There is no return policy.  It’s a monthly membership so as long as you are a member you have access to all the trainings, tools, and resources. When you cancel or default on your membership, you lose access but there are absolutely no refunds.